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What is Desir?
Desir (an acronym for "children of the suburb prank") is a crew of people organising prank activities and games in Prague, particularly for the secondary school and college students. We want to use typical urban elements for the benefit of playful individuals among us (and among you, too).
In contrast to the stubborn nature, the city is a living organism that never stops developing and changing. Crowds of people, queues, traffic jams, public transport and its passengers..., in other words, the inimitable atmosphere of the city - an ideal place for games and fun.

The easiest way to contact us is to register and let us know through the Desir web mail or e-mail (

Who are we?
Bunch of playful and creative people who like to have fun.

Other activities of Desir:
table games -
streetart - gallery of Prague streetart (stencils/posters/stickers) -
summer camps -, 383 334 066,

History - How it all did come into being?

In about 1987 Desir was born as a group of people interested in organising city prank games. Jirka Novotný alias Mokasín is its famous founder who - together with Jakub Těšínský and many other people - began to organise games as early as in the times of darkness before 1989. In those times they developed several - today already traditional - games that are still played in various ways. After the Velvet revolution, Desir became one of the charter members of the association of children and youth organisations "DUHA" (cf.; please don't mistake for the more popular ecological movement using the same name). Desir is the member of "DUHA" until today.
Desir has been operating - although with a variable intensity and with a few breaks - for the whole of 1990's, depending on arrivals and departures of its important members. From the earlier Desir's web page ( you can learn about the activities of the second Desir´s generation, led mainly by Martin Krynický. It's impossible to name all of the organisers here but let's mention at least, next to Martin, Jakub Těšínský, Vendula Koubová (now Krynická) and Martin Kryl.
In 1997 Desir (now led by Jakub Těšínský) commenced activities in the club of table games "Paluba" ( Since then, the club has been working without any break until today and organises actions like the International Olympic Games of Psychical Sports last year.
In 1998 Desir organised the first summer camp for children. Although it was originally intended to be a single action, it was as successful as to two other camps and many weekends with a similar programme followed. This activity ended in 2000 when Martin Krynický, the main leader of the camps, left Prague. In spite of it, in autumn 2003 more than two thirds of participants of those camps have met. In the same year, some of the former organisers and their charges formed a group and prepared a camp in Bohumilice. At the end of 2003, city games were restarted, as a result of the appearance of the next generation of Desir's leaders, those around Hynek (see above):
In October 2003 one clever student called "hynek" found a Slovakian journal "3 Revue" (similar to the Czech periodical "Živel") with an interesting article about city games. The activities of Desir and Bedna were also mentioned there. Hynek didn't let the grass grow under his feet, sat down to his computer and sought the Desir's page. Last change on March 1st 2000. He found out that Desir doesn't exist any more or - to be precise - transferred its activities into the club of table games "Paluba" which is going very well now.
Hynek was disappointed that he missed Desir due to his young age. On the other hand, the disappointment heartened him. As he was a smart lad, he said to himself: Desir has to be reborn! He sat down to his computer again and somewhere in the guts of cyberprostor the new face of Desir's organisers was born - hynek, cyber, mawoo, lucien, wild_a, farin and tadeas. At the beginning passionale, johnny, snorry and others appeared at the events, too, and influenced further development.
This new generation commenced its activity in November 2003 when two CTFs took part in the Prague metro. These two games belong to legendary events. They are curious mainly because of the fact that all of them was organised through internet and the participants did not know each other AT ALL. On November 30th the leaders of the third generation met Jakub "Aragorn" Tesinsky and together they agreed about the rebirth of Desir.
For the time being, Desir is led by unholy trio of maniacs, who think they know how to run things. They are Shuniik, Piskvor and Inikuro. Baptized by organizing second War od the Banks which was canceled by the former organizers, lets hope they will last.
Desir lived, is living and will live for ever - in this way the very basic axiom of the Desir is put into practice: "Desir can be buried, burnt, knocked out or drugged but it can never perish."

This is briefly the story of Desir.
Made by a common editorial work by: Jakub, Hynek, Martin; translated by Nany and MK
Extra stuff added by: Shuniik
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